Priscila Vices & Prostitution



As Priscila is job hunting and on the look out for a beautiful love story, she bumps into Alexandra, a former classmate. Alexandra convinces her to have the cherry on her cake: a lot of sex and get paid for it. Soon enough, Priscila notices that many of her girlfriends do exactly the same… in their own peculiar way. Although Suzie goes for the middle-class BCBG style, Cynthia & Lisa like nothing more than playing the dirty & provocative little sluts in parking lots by night where they pick up young fellas. In any case, our gorgeous young girls have the immense pleasure in meeting and greeting massive cocks into every hole known to man. After a little while, Priscila does not care anymore about the lucrative aspect of the job for sex and lust become her main reasons for living. An original and totally immoral tale, PRISCILA VICE & PROSTITUTION shows that there’s always a way for a bold and beautiful young girl to turn her pussy into a gold mine.

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Andrea Moranti, Angel Dark, Cynthia Lavigne, JPX, Pascal St. James, Philippe Dean, Priscila Sol, Sebastian Barrio, Suzie Carina, Vanessa Mae, Yasmine

Production Company

Marc Dorcel