Haze Her 6


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Sometimes Girls Will Do Anything to Get In!Hardcore Sorority Initiations!All-Girl Action!Girls Lick Pussy And Fuck!Dinner is served! These girls served pasta for dinner, but that wasn`t good enough. They had to go through obstacles before the night was over. Licking pussy doesn`t seem bad does it? You be the judge!Licking Pussy For SisterhoodIf you want to join this sister-hood you`re going to have to do some wild shit, so get on your knees and get to the licking! Girls will do anything to join. If it means sucking some pussy, so be it. Enjoy!Jello WrestlingThe sisters had their rushes strip down, oil up and wrestle in a pool filled with jello for their entertainment. There is nothing better than watching big tits covered in jello rubbing on other big tits! This is some wild shit!!!Workout Those Pussies!These pitiful rushes workout in a gym until they get super sweaty. The girls have some nice tits and asses so once the sisters got them comfortable, they made them eat each other`s pussies in the gym and then finger fuck the sisters!

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